LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Parties shouldn’t quell dissent

To the editor:

So, I read the Nov. 11 letter by Tom Worosz expressing some displeasure about the behavior by his fellow Republicans during the election at the polls. That surprised me because my expectation would’ve been that he shouted exclamations of victory from the highest point he could find.

Instead, he chose to breach what I think of as party protocol and called out what he considered inappropriate behavior. That’s another way for me to say he has a sense of right and wrong, ready to take a stand. That’s how I saw it. After his public announcement, I wonder how he’ll fare with his acquaintances in the party.

Speculating further, I wonder how Democrats would react to someone appearing to be at odds with perceived practices. For example, would the chair of the Louisa County Democratic Committee embrace the personality of a Tyrannosaurus Regina and try to quell a voice of dissent? Maybe these are simply the machinations of politics on a very local level, but any kind of suppression has no place anywhere in this country, at any level of government.

Each party portrays a certain image, especially to the opposition. Read the various news outlets to get that picture and then ask questions about how the two parties are perceived and by whom. Especially in Louisa County.

Republicans are typically portrayed as heading in the wrong direction.

Democrats are seen as not knowing where to go.

A third story would be to combine actual cooperative thinking from both parties to avoid taking this country down the road to extremism. There is a problem with censorship in any form. You don’t hear anything outside the walls of your own skull.

Republicans seem comfortable with authoritarianism.

Democrats profess a somewhat universal participation for members, but you have to wonder how close to the truth that is.

If you peek into the mechanics of the local parties, and consider the makeup of the Louisa County citizens, how different would either party treat its members? Maybe the difference in local parties is in name only.

Republicans espouse personal freedom at the expense of the public.

Democrats advocate for an equitable distribution of freedom for all.

I’m not sure that either party understands the concept of freedom at the grassroots level. It all seems to be slow-dripped into the minds of either group until there’s no escape from the reality that’s been created for them.

Republicans need more dissenters like Tom Worosz to express their own moral position.

Democrats aren’t off the hook either.

That’s not to say that an amoral, or immoral, person deserves attention, but as Tom Worosz indicates by what he witnessed, it’s an ethical obligation to draw attention to inappropriate behavior, even at the upper scale of the party hierarchy, Republican or Democrat be damned. On the local level, in Louisa County, if the parties are subjected to the personality of a Tyrannosaurus Regina, extinction is on the way.

Stacey Briley

Zion Crossroads

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