LETTER TO THE EDITOR: President only talks about union jobs

To the editor:

President Joe Biden continually states during press briefings, White House meetings and during question and answer sessions that he is working to create union jobs. I have absolutely never heard him say that he is working to create jobs for the real working class in this country – workers that are not union.

He touts that union jobs will be created with all those new solar panels, windmills and manufactured electric vehicles. He completely ignores that practically all of those parts come from China – which is not unionized. Have you ever heard him talk about creating jobs for today’s working men and women and yes, even your children who will be looking for jobs? No – only union job creation warrants his attention. Even his infrastructure bill calls out union jobs.

To my knowledge, less than 15 percent of today’s jobs are union and many of you know why. Union membership has drastically declined in the United States.  Remember Jimmy Hoffa and all those corrupt union leaders? That is one reason.

Come on Joe, give the true working class a break – work to create jobs for the real working class in America and that are not union workers. 

Bob Ryan


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