To the editor:

As a Central Virginian I’m most interested in results and that’s why I’m voting for President Trump.

He said he’d appoint strict constructionist justices to the Supreme Court and he’s done that. He said he’d move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and he did it. He said he’d cut regulations and he did. He said he’d push back on China and he has. He said he’d get the U.S. out of the terrible deal with Iran and he did. He said he’d renegotiate the very one-sided NAFTA and he did. He said he’d hold our NATO allies accountable to pay their fair share and he has. He said he’d crush ISIS and he unleashed the U.S. military and they did it. He’s also pushed back on the Russians by providing the Ukrainians offensive weapons, stationing troops in Poland, and moving ahead with missile defense installations in Europe.

Additionally, he has struck back at Bashar Assad every time that Syrian dictator attacked his own people with chemical weapons, even when the attack included killing Russian mercenaries. On top of all of this, President Trump has definitively supported our men and women in blue all across the country, reorganized the Veterans Administration to make it more responsive to the needs of our former service members, rebuilt the U.S. military forces, and made great strides toward wrapping up our extended foreign wars.

As for the COVID-19 (also known as the China virus) situation, President Trump moved to close travel from the People’s Republic of China well before anyone else in or out of our government called for it, quite possibly saving millions of lives. He engaged every appropriate organization in the federal government to move as expeditiously as possible on everything from personal protective equipment to ventilators to therapeutics to vaccines. He provided every governor in the country, be they Republican or Democrat, everything they requested to fight the pandemic, with many of the Democrats offering him high praise for how responsive he was.

Prior to the pandemic, our nation was firing on all cylinders and unemployment was at historic lows across the board and employment as a percentage of our total workforce had reached a record high. Why? Because President Trump said he’d unshackle American enterprise, and he did this by expanding energy production, reducing ridiculous environmental burdens, and encouraging the return of manufacturing to our shores.

President Trump also fixed funding problems at America’s Historic Black Colleges and Universities, got the First Step Act justice reform passed, and pushed Opportunity Zones to some of our most disadvantaged minority communities.

And for the conservationists, in August President Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act, dedicating almost $3 billion a year to conservation projects and our national parks. It is the most significant conservation legislation in decades.

President Trump accomplished all of this while dealing with an incredibly hostile news media and Democratic Party.

I hope this gives you a little positive food for thought before you cast your ballot.

Daniel E. Braswell


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