LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Raising water rates not the best choice for citizens

To the editor:

It is disappointing to hear the Louisa County Water Authority has chosen to proceed with the water rate increase. This act continues to display the failure of leadership, inept management of resources, and lack of understanding of what best serves Louisa. 

Most people I know primarily use municipal water to clean and bathe with, choosing to purchase bottled water for drinking due to a history of contamination and suspect quality. 

The telling moment in this greedy move will come if the Town of Louisa decides to increase rates. If they possess any concern or respect for the people that rely on municipal water, they will not raise the fees. Town residents already pay more than county customers, over $150 more annually at the base rate. 

The move toward virtual education and remote work results in additional personal water use. I’d wager more water has been used these past eight months than during similar periods in years past. Families and individuals with limited or fixed incomes are now footing the bill for the mistakes of people who can’t manage the water system correctly. 

Rather than build up business parks and flush away taxpayer dollars on doomed ventures, why couldn’t water and sewer systems be upgraded and maintained? Was there no way to use COVID-19 funds and grants to help upgrade our systems? The move of our “benevolent” elected leaders is to raise rates, add fees, or increase taxes. 

It is time to clean house when town council and management seats are open, time to clean house if our board of supervisors cannot rein in the LCWA. Just remember to use a broom to sweep up the trash coming out of local leadership because a mop and bucket of water now require a bank loan to afford.

Kahlil Pfaff


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