In addition to the print edition and our website, the CV is now publishing letters to the editor on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re thinking of writing, please take a moment to review our letters policy below, and our election letter policy:

Letters to the Editor Policy:

The Central Virginian welcomes letters on topics of concern to readers and the community. Letters are limited to 500 words and must bear the writer’s name, full valid address, email address and both daytime and evening phone number for verification purposes. Preference is given to shorter letters. Only the writer’s name and town or city will be published. No anonymous letter will be published.

The Central Virginian reserves the right to edit submissions. Preference will be given to letters submitted by local residents and those that feature topics of local interest. The CV will not publish more than one letter from a writer in a 30-day period. Exceptions may be made in consideration of rebuttals.

Letters should be the writer’s original work. We do not publish form letters, “open” letters, petitions or individual consumer complaints. Letters should be exclusive to The Central Virginian. The submission deadline is 10 a.m. on the Tuesday prior to publication. The Central Virginian makes no guarantees that any letter will be printed, regardless of whether it was submitted by the deadline.

Letters to the editor reflect the opinion or belief of the author, not that of The Central Virginian or its staff.

Send your letter to, or mail to The Central Virginian, c/o Editor, 89 Rescue Lane, Louisa, VA, 23093.

Election Letter Policy:

The Central Virginian will publish as many letters as possible concerning matters pertaining to the upcoming general election. We will publish election-related letters up to the Oct. 29 issue. However, the last issue in which we will publish letters that contain negative information about particular candidates will be Oct. 22 to give candidates and/or their supporters an opportunity for rebuttal of a letter published in the most recent edition. All other policies pertaining to letters to the editor will apply including maximum word counts and deadlines.

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