To the editor:

There are no President Trump supporters, only followers and accomplices. There’s a difference between supporter and follower. Accomplices are on their own.

Dan Braswell recently wrote on this page of Trump’s “results” while in office, which are appropriately identified as disastrous or imaginary. His letter sounds as if it were tweeted by Trump himself. Results seem to be measured differently in that “reality” world.

People claimed to support Trump because of his “business” prowess. But his only ability was to navigate bankruptcy court, with 13 failed businesses to his credit and six bankruptcies. During each election, 2016 and 2020, not enough people gave sufficient thought to the possibility that his skills weren’t up to par for actually running a country, but more appropriate for duping investors and voters. Most companies do their best to stay in business and make a profit, and their senior management works to that end.

Failed Trump businesses include Trump Steaks; GoTrump; Trump Airlines; Trump Vodka; Trump Mortgage; Trump: The Game; Trump Magazine; Trump University; Trump Ice; The New Jersey Generals; Tour de Trump; Trump Network; and Trumped!

Bankrupt Trump businesses include Trump Taj Mahal; Trump’s Castle; Trump Plaza Casinos; Trump Plaza Hotel; Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts; and Trump Entertainment Resorts.

Questions that should have been asked and answered:

Why would increasing the military budget wrap up our extended foreign wars?

Why is the infamous, incomplete Mexican border wall deteriorating because of poor construction, materials and design?

Why should white supremacists be encouraged with Trump’s rhetoric instead of being chastised and investigated for domestic terrorism?

Why was there no planning done when Trump took the United States out of the nuclear agreement with Iran that led to destabilization?

Why didn’t Trump push back on Vladimir Putin when it was learned that there was a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan?

Why didn’t Trump take early action to protect the lives of almost 240,000 Americans from COVID-19 and neglected to minimize its effects?

Why isn’t he supporting the necessary peaceful transition of presidential power to help stabilize this country?

Why didn’t Trump authorize the production of ventilators in accordance with the provisions of the Defense Production Act of 1950?

Why did Trump threaten to withhold medical supplies to state governors unless they paid “appropriate” homage to him?

Why does Trump think of those of us who were in the military as suckers and losers?

Supporters should have asked these questions to determine any further support. Braswell doesn’t appear to have asked any probing questions to justify his support.

Business incompetency and inability to govern could have been necessary selection criteria for the highest office in the land. Too many people ignored these warning signs and now this country has to choke on the consequences.

Sometimes I feel like a disappointed parent:

My son! My son! I send you to school. I buy you books, and what do you do? You eat the covers!!!

Stacy Briley

Zion Crossroads

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