To the editor:  

Virginia is handling the Covid-19 crisis very well.  Our number of cases and the seven-day moving average for the state have been dropping since the end of May.  Louisa County is also doing a good job, with 118 cases, 11 hospitalizations and only one death so far. As a state we are in much, much better shape than states that have underestimated or been underprepared for the virus. Current statistics can be found at

Much of this improvement can be attributed to Governor Ralph Northam. He is a medical doctor who understands the danger of the virus to the health of Virginians and the damage it can do to our economy if we don’t take a measured and careful approach to reopening. He issued an executive order for all to wear masks in public while shopping or going out.  

Northam has issued clear guidelines about the phases that Virginia should be going through, with specified numbers and details for each, and he has made the plans clear to the public though weekly press conferences. Virginia will soon be the first state to issue workplace guidelines so that people working or planning to soon return to work can be confident of their safety.

Unlike states like Texas, Florida, Arizona and California, Virginia has not opened for business too soon. The governor has also modeled best practices about wearing masks and trying to make certain that all who need to will wear one. Wearing a mask has been proven to be the single most significant way to keep the virus from spreading.

I think Virginians have confidence that the governor has their best interests at heart. So kudos to Governor Northam and his staff for taking a careful, truthful, informed and rational approach to this crisis that has had good results and built public trust in our government.

Joanna Hickman


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