To the editor:

Why are Democrats having to go through this charade when everyone knows Biden won this election?

Back in the 2000 election, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris threw out thousands of votes, then the Supreme Court stopped the ballot recount and illegally put George W. Bush in the White House. Then, in 2016, the Russians interfered with the election.

But in 2020, we have had the most secure election in our entire history.

In Louisa, there are more churches than anything else, but the county also possesses a long history of segregation, discrimination and separation of the races. But no matter what religion one chooses to practice, they all propose truth, honesty, fairness, civility and treating others as you would wish to be treated. That’s in spite of the horrendous, inhumane practices of slavery and those that remained long after slavery was legally outlawed.

Is it incumbent upon the decent people in this county, in this state and in this country to actively address and work toward changing the dishonesty, hate, division and power-mongering that has been sown among us?

Isn’t it enough of an onerous task to focus all of our energies on combatting this coronavirus killing all of us by the thousands every day? The virus doesn’t care what your political, religious or other beliefs might be, or how wealthy you are.

Why we continue to be divided and engaged in such sheer unproductive nonsense and lies is beyond me. Is it fear?

Some suggest that people will vote against their personal, health or economic interest when fear is sown into their minds. Isn’t enough, just enough! I certainly have not recognized the America that has existed under this administration during the past four years and I pray that it soon returns to an America that I know and recognize.

Gloria Pope


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