To the editor: 

Louisa County has a large and vibrant farming community. Our farmers know the state of our soil and water much better than most of us.  They work hard to keep these resources healthy by using good conservation practices. While carbon tax credits have enabled many businesses to benefit from their conservation practices, they have not been readily available to our farmers. Qualification for credits requires significant investment and expertise.  

New bipartisan legislation has been introduced by our own U.S. Democratic Representative, Abigail Spanberger, along with Don Bacon (Republican) from Nebraska. It would provide the technical support needed by our farming community to be eligible for these credits. This legislation has strong support from both farm groups and conservation organizations. In these challenging times our farmers need and deserve greater support for good environmental stewardship. 

I applaud Abigail Spanberger for recognizing and prioritizing the need to address these vital issues. She has again succeeded in teaming up in a bipartisan effort for the benefit of us all. Government can work for the people when we elect the right people for the job. Remember her record when you vote this November!

Beth Croghan


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