To the editor:

Last week nine yellow Tea Party conservative signs were defaced with black paint along Jefferson Highway (Route 33) toward Montpelier. The “sign man” and friends spent hours wiping them clean with paint thinner, with reasonable success.

Unsolicited, a carload of teenagers stopped and said they would like to help restore the messages – offer accepted! A good job was done, and the youth were awarded with cheers and lunch. Passing motorists honked in support.

Many Republican signs have been destroyed in this area in past elections. Clearly, the vitriol continues – but the good news is there are those who will fight back, and that includes our younger generation who have been raised and educated in the right manner. Thank you!

Conservative columnist Mark Levin had a University of California conservative professor as his TV guest this past Sunday night. He explained that the ratio of liberal to conservative professors, which was three to two around the year 2000, has gone to as high as 48 to one. This reflects radical leftist hiring practices by administrators who have clearly gone berserk – and our government doles out support to those Communist/Marxist “educational” institutions. That imbalance must stop. The professor blamed liberal teachings of high school and college students as the genesis of the riots destroying our cities.

We must stop this cultural erosion before it devolves into civil war, which some think is being fomented already. It is clear that voting must favor Republicans and the re-election of President Trump. Be sure to do your part in all legislative races, be they local, state or federal. We must save our country!

Fred Gruber


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