To the editor:

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about two letters that appeared recently in The Central Virginian. The first is a letter from Sylvester Courtney, a longtime resident of Louisa and a Black man who grew up here during the Jim Crow era. Mr. Courtney’s letter revealed a true gentlemanly spirit. He bore no malice to being denied many things just because he was Black, and he has no desire to burn down any buildings or shops today because of disgraceful things that may have happened years ago during the time of a generation that was not us. 

I admire his spirit greatly, and I wish everybody understood that our differing races, ethnic groups and religions can come together peacefully through mutual respect and working together. A smile and a handshake can do more wonders than an angry protest. By the way, I remember Mr. Courtney from years back when my family was living on Bibb’s Store Road and running a farm. Robert Winston introduced us, and I wound up buying a horse from Mr. Courtney. That horse provided a lot of pleasure to my kids. Thanks.

The second letter was from Tyler Adams and it concerned abortion. Mr. Adams pointed out that abortions are performed on Black mothers at a rate more than two and a half times greater than abortions performed on white mothers. Just to be clear here, let me say that morally and ethically I cannot be happy about any abortion except those few instances where a fetus is actually posing a significant physical threat to the life of the mother.  However, to note that so many more abortions (percentage wise) are performed on black mothers than on white mothers suggests that abortions can be used as a tool to limit the Black population. If such is the case, that is unspeakably shameful. 

I certainly agree that Black Lives Matter, because I agree that All Lives Matter. A new life cannot be created by science, and I appreciate the fact that our little planet Earth teems with life. Also, regrettably, any check of the statistics would show that while we are experiencing a terrible weekly death toll right now from COVID-19, we are experiencing several times more deaths each week from live human fetuses being aborted.

Bottom line: Thank you, Sylvester Courtney and Tyler Adams, for your letters. I am proud to live in the same county that you do.


Larry Kavanagh


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