To the editor:

I want to strongly encourage all members of the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) to participate in the REC election process. I also want to strongly endorse Sanford Reaves, Randy Thomas and Gene Campbell for re-election. 

Why vote for the incumbent directors? They have all worked diligently to find the right balance between reliability, affordability and sustainability. All three have been part of the budget process to ensure projects funded will maintain reliability of the REC network. They understand the financial struggles facing REC’s members and understand electric bills can be a major part of their budget. All of them take very seriously the responsibility to analyze and approve budgets for projects that will bring the greatest cost/benefit to keep the cost of power affordable.  Along with all REC directors, they care about the environment. To be environmentally sustainable, Cooperative Sun Share was introduced, and more renewable energy is continually being added to REC’s power supply. While sustainability is important, your REC directors understand it must also be balanced between having an affordable and reliable power supply.  

As you participate in the REC election process, please be assured that whether it is finding viable solutions to rural broadband or keeping your electric rates affordable, Sanford, Randy and Gene are all committed to serving the members of REC in a balanced, transparent and accountable manner. Please vote to re-elect Sanford, Randy and Gene so REC can continue to maintain the right balance between reliability, affordability and sustainability. 

Christopher Shipe

Chairman, REC board of directors


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