To the editor:

I find myself extremely appalled and disheartened reading Mountain Road District Supervisor Tommy Barlow’s statement in The Central Virginian (June 4 edition) regarding the $8 million pool study.  

Barlow commented that should a referendum on how to pay for the pool go to the polls in November, it should be given as “a choice between funding a pool or paying for improved internet service.” The future of Louisa County is now and the county needs both.  

The county should pay for the pool, given that a previous study completed as the new high school was being built showed that the revenue from the pool would allow it to pay for itself. Why should Louisa County continue to use our taxpayers’ money to fund Fork Union’s facility?  In addition, a new pool facility would provide benefits beyond just swim meets, including a water safety curriculum that should be adopted given the county’s proximity to Lake Anna and other regional bodies of water. 

In regards to improved internet service, there are state and federal funds that should be tapped to aid in this dire and immediate need. The pandemic has exposed the lack of service that is being provided to Louisa County, specifically to eastern Louisa. We now know, as Governor Northam announced on June 11, that remote learning will be with us in the fall. The Louisa County Board of Supervisors urgently needs to partner with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative and others to extend vital services to underserved regions of the County. 

Barlow’s statement is a disservice to Louisa County and shows that he lacks any vision at all for the future generations of our residents.  

Crystal Smith

Holly Grove

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