To the editor:

My home is in Louisa and I would like for my dollars to stay here as well. When we choose to shop locally, we strengthen our community, funding schools and other essential services.

In the grocery store last week, all of the employees wore masks. Many of the shoppers did not. In addition, I was met with several aggressive glares in apparent response to my own face mask and efforts to maintain a six-foot distance from others.

We wear masks not just to protect ourselves and our families, but to protect our neighbors. If those neighbors refuse to return the courtesy, we will simply shop elsewhere.

If enough people do this, Louisa County will be the poorer for it. Your choices and behavior now could hurt what is available to you, here, in the future.

Think about it. Wear a mask, protect everyone’s health, and let your eyes do the smiling.

Kate Hussman


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