To the editor:

The chaotic, delayed management of this Covid crisis, as well as the vulnerabilities of the poor and those with preexisting conditions, demonstrates the lack of a truly public health system that would include safe and effective natural treatments for all.

With healthier people to begin with, fewer ventilators would be needed during pandemics. Poor people who lack nutrition, live in food deserts, or fail to get blood pressure treatment due to lack of insurance are vulnerable. So are middle-income people (there are still a few left) who lack care because they can’t afford insurance premiums.

If we were committed to public health, we would also see research done on natural treatments like intravenous Vitamin C for coronaviruses, influenza, MRSA, and other infections, as well as herbal treatments.

It is unacceptable that “public health” agencies throw up their hands and say that we don’t have any treatments for Covid-19, except some expensive drugs with modest benefit at the most, and refuse to support research on intravenous Vitamin C, which copious anecdotal evidence shows can be used to treat coronaviruses, influenza and other viral and bacterial infections.

Medical authorities told us for decades that EDTA Chelation for heart disease was dangerous, unproven and quackery. Doctors who did it were harassed by licensing boards. The only evidence, they said, was “anecdotal,” and from uncontrolled trials. Then the National Institutes of Health’s multi-year trial finally proved the treatment was effective and safe when administered properly, especially for diabetics. Yet there is no groundswell of support for it in the medical community, or insurance coverage.

When cardiologist Dean Ornish proved in the 1990s that lifestyle changes could reverse heart disease without drugs and surgery, a landmark success, it was mainly ignored by the medical community. Now, decades later, Medicare is paying for the program because it saves lives and money.

Will intravenous vitamin C suffer the same fate? Maybe in a year or two, studies will prove its safety and efficacy, after expensive drugs have been approved, and a vaccine developed, rendering the Vitamin C and herbal treatments irrelevant. Then we can be back to business as usual, with the pharmaceutical treatments being the mainstream standard, and the effective natural treatments ignored as before.

Many thousands of lives could have been saved, had there not been the foot-dragging on the studies and the narrow-mindedclinging to “better lives through chemistry,” driven by pharmaceutical companies’ profits.

However, intravenous Vitamin C treatment should not be done without proper training and methodology. Everyone who wants it must have a normal G6PD enzyme blood test to be sure it is safe, because if they have this genetic deficiency, it could be dangerous.

We need a huge public outcry demanding that proper studies be done on Vitamin C and herbal treatments for coronaviruses.

David Schwartz


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