To the editor:

So why did the board of supervisors call for a special meeting earlier this week with less than 24 hours’ notice? Was there some reason it couldn’t have waited until their regular July 6th meeting?

Was it really to “discuss broadband services in Louisa County with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative?” It’s unclear from the supervisors’ own meeting minutes whether the county had responded to several letters

REC sent to the county asking for a timely response to several questions. What happened was not a simple disagreement between the county and service provider, it was a situation where “there’s something happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear.” What is clear is that people are rejecting the board’s ideas.

They are tired of a government that is only interested in being the enforcer of crony capitalism, where the inequality and lack of opportunity we see today is all about sustaining the structures of power. It’s a situation not unlike the root causes behind the Black Lives Matter protests. And like BLM, the people of this county have lost faith in a government that doesn’t promote the common good.

The key to any successful social change is to discredit the ideas used to prop up the ruling class with alternative ideas and language. Once the old vocabulary loses its currency, the power elite are finished. This opens the way for voters to dismiss their minions and demand a government independent of, and not subservient to, corporate power.

Of course people are free to dismiss these words as “inappropriate,” and “delete them” from their minds. Or they could say, “It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down.”

Jon Taylor


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