Vicky Beckley wasn’t going to let the pandemic stop her from putting up Christmas lights to honor her grandson, something she’s done since his death in 2013.

Brian Beckley Jr. was born with an autoimmune disease and passed away at the age of six, when he caught mononucleosis. His family was devastated.

“We were just so sad,” Vicky said. “There was nothing to smile about.”

Through her grief, Vicky decided to turn her front yard into a winter wonderland every year from November until Valentine’s Day, Brian’s birthday.

She asked her brother to build four-foot-tall wooden letters to spell “Brian” with a wooden heart and then decorated it with lights.

It was a start. Since then, she’s added angels and a collection of inflatable Christmas characters.

“All the children love it, and I can’t make him smile, so I make other children smile,” Vicky said. “I always tell people if I can make it bright enough, maybe he’ll see it from heaven.”

This year, with many holiday festivities restricted due to the pandemic, Vicky thought putting up the lights was more important than ever.

“They [the children] couldn’t get out to see Santa and stuff, but I let them ride [bikes] through my yard and the circle driveway so they don’t have to have contact with anyone,” Vicky said.

Beckley invites those who would like to enjoy her collection of lights to visit at 737 Windyknight Road.

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