Fine dining comes to the lake

 Since Mike Kavros opened Callie Opie’s Orchard a few years ago, his restaurant near Lake Anna has become one of Louisa County’s most popular dining spots. Recently he built a large barn next to the eatery to accommodate large events.

Kavros and his wife Roxanne moved to Lake Anna in 1994. He had spent most of his professional career in the information technology field and was looking for a fresh challenge before he retires. He felt the lake area lacked a  venue for fine dining.

“We just completed our third year, which in the restaurant industry is a huge milestone,” he said. “When I hear guests still say “Wow” when they look at the buildings and grounds and “We’ll be back,” that makes me feel very good.”

When he was planning the layout of the 25-acre site, Kavros made room for numerous fruit trees and a pond with a fountain, to enhance the scenery for people eating on the outdoor patio. He’s also invited farmers to sell their local products on Saturdays, and incorporates locally-grown ingredients into meals when he can.

The biggest challenge Kavros finds in operating his restaurant is one he hears about from numerous other business owners, finding enough good help. 

“The demand is great but supply seems to be very limited,” he said.

 Kavros advises would-be business owners to “be prepared for everything to cost more and take longer than you expect. Set realistic expectations.”

Kavros likes to quote John Wooden, the legendary college basketball coach, who provided his own definition of success:

 “Success is [having] peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable.”  

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