Helping people find true potential

Kristy Bazzanella

  Kristy Bazzanella operates Louisa Creative Counseling LLC in the town of Mineral. She launched her business after helping her mother Jean for many years managing Christopher Run Campground.

Bazzanella describes herself as a “solution-focused therapist,” working with children, adolescents and teens as well as couples and families.

“My goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating,” she writes on her website. “While we can’t change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life.”  

A licensed professional counselor, registered play therapist and certified trauma practitioner, Bazzanella said she has a strong passion for helping individuals find peace and relief from their challenges and struggles in life. 

Bazzanella received a degree in professional counseling from Liberty University in 2013. She completed a clinical internship at Sunshine Lady House Crisis Stabilization, a program of the Rappahanock Community Services Board.

Bazzanella has worked with a wide variety of adults, children and families in different stages of need over the past several years, using many tools of her trade. She often incorporates the use of mindfulness exercises in her work, whether with a child, adult, family or a couple. She has specialized training in the areas of trauma, attachment, mindfulness work, parenting, addiction and the use of non-traditional expressive therapies.   

She maintains close working relationships with other professionals in the community and actively provides individuals and families with referrals for supplemental and complementary services when deemed appropriate.

Bazzanella also participates in a bimonthly peer-consultation group with other licensed helping professionals to maintain and enhance her skills and to promote ongoing accountability for her clinical work.  

In addition to providing therapy, Bazanella also spends her time as a mother, artist, pet owner and friend.

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