Cogar Plumbing ‘proud to serve’

Cogar Plumbing was founded in 1993 and serves customers in Louisa, Spotsylvania and elsewhere in the region. Bernie Cogar decided to start his own business because that is what he had always wanted and dreamed of: To be self-employed and serve the people’s plumbing needs.

"We knew we had reached success when our customers' reviews took us to the next level," he said. "There are different levels of success and we are happy to serve the public at whatever level it may be. It doesn’t matter how big your company may be, it’s how good your company is."

Cogar said the keys to success are having the knowledge to get the job done, being on time, with great customer service and respecting the homeowner's home and property. Get the job done right the first time and stand behind your work.  

"There have been many challenges throughout my career – too many to count," he said. "My advice is to have persistence, good money management and to learn from your mistakes.

"The advice that I would give someone trying to start a business is all listed above, plus help is hard to find and good help is even harder to find. Keep at it, and you will succeed."


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