Maddox Feed has long history in Louisa

Kelley Thomas 

Maddox Feed Store, one of Louisa County’s oldest businesses with some eight decades of service, came back to life in late 2019 after it was closed briefly. The store continues to provide products for farmers and gardeners, with a distinctly local and down-home flavor.

Kelley Thomas and her partner Morgan Perkins re-opened the business on Church Avenue in the town of Louisa after taking over from Bradley Pleasants, who had operated it for many years. Pleasants had purchased the store in 1979 from the man who gave the store its name.

“There’s a lot of history in this building,” Thomas said. “We feel like customers have missed that one-on-one kind of customer service they get here.”

Visitors to the store will see an old wood stove and other signs of the store’s longevity, like an old-school bottle opener and historical metal feed signs. 

Beyond maintaining history, Thomas and Perkins are concerned with keeping the local small business community healthy.

 “A lot of people want to have the option to shop local and keep their money inside the community,” Thomas said. Perkins added: “Every time you shop corporate, [the money] never comes back.”

The store is Perkins’ first foray into owning a retail space. He also owns and operates Mo’s Trapping and Damage Control. 

Thomas’ grandfather was a successful business owner in Charlottesville, starting the City Market and other farmers’ markets in the region. She credits him for her entrepreneurial spirit.

Along with farming items like straw, vegetable seeds and animal feeds, the couple sells locally-made craft goods, fishing gear, ammunition, salt blocks, cattle supplies, and a lot more. The store is also licensed to sell firearms.

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