Making customers feel at home

Kenny Throckmorton

Kenny Throckmorton has been working with cars in Louisa since 1979, when he moved from South Boston and came to work at his uncle’s shop. During his time there, he “took a lot of interest” in pursuing working on vehicles as a career. 

He opened Kenny’s Central Tire and Auto in Louisa in 1991. He’s moved a couple of times since then, the last time in 2002 to his current location on Main Street.

“We try to do good service and stand behind everything we do,” he said. “If you have a problem, bring it back and we’ll take care of it.”

Throckmorton has strived over the years to make his customers feel valued when they come into his shop.

“When they come in my place, it’s like they’re at home,” he said. “They can go in the shop and we can show them what’s going on and stuff like that. It’s what you do for the people, and they feel more secure.”

There have been a number of challenges to the business over the years, such as the 2008 recession and the current COVID-19 pandemic, but through it all, Throckmorton’s customers have continued to support him.

“They didn’t give up on us, so we didn’t give up on them,” he said.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Throckmorton has made an effort to put his customers’ safety first.

“We’re doing what we can to keep people safe,” he said. “We want people to feel safe and we’re pretty open about that.”

For anyone looking to open a business, the biggest piece of advice Throckmorton can give is to commit to the business.

“Be sure that it’s what you want to do,” he said. “You’ve got to put your mind to it and stick with it. You can’t just try for a year and give up. And you’ve got to find good people to help you.

“The challenge is trying to make it,” he added. “You have to be willing to take that chance and go for it.”

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