Reputable employees key to success

Herman and Hilda Gibson will mark the 40th anniversary of opening Gibson’s Auto Service in Mineral, Va. next April 20, 2021.  Herman had always wanted to have a business of his own because he liked tinkering with cars.  He received a degree in Automotive Technology from Danville Community College in 1968.  He worked at several other shops before opening Gibson’s Auto Service.

When they first started in 1981, it was just Herman and Hilda working in the garage.  In the decades since, they’ve brought in some mechanics/techs to work for them, including their son Michael, who began working part-time when he was in high school and community college.  Michael began working full time after completing the mechanic classes at J Sargent Reynolds and has worked up to shop manager and is an ASE master tech.

“We have good employees working for us who are very knowledgeable, reputable and honest,” Hilda said. “Having a team like this makes a big difference in our business.”

The Gibsons have roots in Louisa County, they’ve lived here all their life except when Herman was in college.  This helped a lot when starting the business because people knew their families. Hilda’s mother grew up in Mineral and her father was a dairy farmer here in the county.  Herman’s mother was a school teacher in Louisa County and his father was a barber in Mineral.  Herman and Hilda graduated from Louisa County High School as did all three of their children and two of their grandchildren.  Having family ties and friends helped them when starting their business.

“Our success is a combination of having good employees, loyal customers and our trust in God,” Hilda said.

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