Winery offers enviromentally friendly tastings

One of the more distinctive destinations for visitors and locals in Louisa County is Fifty-Third Winery, with a tasting room in a building certified as environmentally-friendly just off Shannon Hill Road.

In 2015, David Drillock and his wife purchased the business, which was previously called Cooper Vineyards. The couple had moved from a small farm in New Jersey to Greene County, where there was room for  their horses and donkeys. The new farm also was a good place to grow grapes.  

“About a year after we planted our first vines, our realtor came to us and asked if we would be interested in a winery in Louisa,” Drillock said. “We saw potential in the business and it is centrally located. We wanted a more active retirement and being part of the growing Virginia wine industry was an attractive opportunity. So we took the plunge.”

Drillock would never say he has achieved success, “because that might lead to complacency,” but they have seen the business grow, especially the wine club. 

“Our wine club customers tell us they appreciate our increasing wine quality, the friendly and knowledgeable staff and a safe and welcoming environment,” he said.

The business has also made significant investments in the vineyard and a new production facility.

Louisa is a great place to form a business, Drillock said, in part because county officials are very helpful and easy to work with.  

“Being a rural farming community makes it a nice drive to get away from daily life without having to go too far,” he added.

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