Realtor’s clients are like family

Libby Sandridge

Libby Sandridge has found that one of her most valuable assets as a realtor is the deep knowledge she has of her community.

“Focus on a specific market area, because spreading out too far can be overwhelming,” she advised. “Become a specialist where you live. We all know more about where we live, and that is a plus for buyers and sellers.” 

Sandridge decided to enter the real estate business when she tired of how much travel was required in her former sales job. She knew right away that she had achieved success because of how much she enjoyed the new job.

“I work many second homes, and sellers love the fact they can count on me to watch over their home since they are not local and I am available on a moment’s notice,” she said. 

Some of her best experiences with buyers have been in cases in which it took a long time to find the right Lake Anna home. In some instances, it can take as long as four years for that process to play out.  

“You get to know them so well that they turn out to be more like family than a client,” Sandridge said.

The main challenge in real estate today is keeping up with marketing trends, she said. Online marketing has become a huge focus, particularly social media. 

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