Skate shop finds niche market in Louisa

Frank Molina

StrangeHouse Skate Shop opened first came to Louisa in 2010, but Frank and Margaret Molina have been selling skating equipment and accessories since 2003.

“My husband and I have always wanted to run a business of our own and the skate shop fell into his lap, so to speak,” Margaret said.

The business began when they were living in Bristow as a way to get collectable and riding decks from the west coast to Frank and his fellow skateboarders. The business grew from Frank bringing the accessories to sell to his friends at Arlington Skate Park, to an online business which reached a worldwide market and finally to the Molinas opening their shop on Main Street in Louisa.

None of that are the things the Molinas use to define their success as business owners.

“We’re successful because we love what we do,” Margaret said. “We love educating new skaters, parents and their children on safe skating, how to put a deck together and talking to long-time skaters.”

As business has grown, the Molinas looked to expand, buying the building where Bailey’s Drug Store stood, effectively quadrupling their space. They opened the new shop in January.

As with many businesses, the biggest challenge the Molinas have faced over the years is getting the word out about the business and where it’s located.

“We are a very niche business,” Margaret said. “We are a destination spot.”

For anyone looking to open a business in Louisa County, the Molinas have some simple advice: “Follow your passion, not the money.”

“If you’re passionate about what you do and make yourself happy, it should be easier to realize your dream ... Nothing falls in your lap. You need to work for your success.”

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