Louisa lineman bound for Bridgewater

Logan Yancey (right) is taking his skills as an offensive lineman to the next level, playing for the Bridgewater College Eagles beginning this fall. 


Offensive lineman Logan Yancey is trading in his lion claws for eagle wings next year. The former Louisa County football player has signed to play for the Bridgewater Eagles beginning this fall.

“I really liked the school and I really liked their [football] program,” he said. “They really take things seriously. I’m looking forward to gaining experience and growing as a player while I’m there.”

Yancey began playing football at the age of five and has been on the offensive line pretty much his entire career.

“I like the fact that the O-line plays such an important role in the game of football, and how the position tests you mentally and physically everyday,” he said.

Yancey has played every position on the line throughout the years, but his personal favorite is guard.

“I like playing guard the most because I like to pull and be a lead blocker [for the running backs],” he said.

The main thing that’s kept him coming back to football over the years is his teammates.

“I just really like being a part of a team with my closest friends,” he said.

Thoughout his years playing football, and particutlarly the last four with the Lions, Yancey has taken several lessons from the gridiron which he plans to apply to the next step in his journey.

“The most important thing is putting the team before yourself,” he said. “You have to work together toward one common goal.”

Yancey plans to major in athletic training at Bridgewater and says he’s excited about the “really good program,” the school has for that field.

Yancey said he is looking forward to playing for the Eagles, but he said there are plenty of things he’s going to miss about playing football in The Jungle.

“There’s nothing like Friday night in Louisa,” he said. “We have a huge crowd and they can get pretty rowdy. There’s just nothing like it.”

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