Louisa senior to play with Saints

Evan Cash fires off a pitch during a Louisa home game last season. Cash will take his talents on the mound to Marymount University in Arlington next year. File photo


Like many athletes, Evan Cash began playing baseball at a young age and quickly fell in love with the sport. His favorite aspect of the game, he says, is the camaraderie among team members.

“You’re doing everything as a team,” he said. “You really form a family bond with the other guys.”

During his many years playing the game, through little league and high school, Cash has primarily played in the outfield, though he has gotten some time on the mound as a pitcher. During his junior season with the Lions, he pitched seven innings, striking out five batters, giving up 12 hits and walking five batters. 

Cash said he doesn’t care where he is stationed, though, as long as he gets to play.

“As long as I’m out on the field, I’m having a good time,” he said.

Cash will play for the Marymount University Saints in Arlington in 2021 season, primarily as a pitcher. He said he liked the school because they put an emphasis on the kind of bonding that he likes so much.

“They really put an emphasis on family and getting out into the community,” he said. 

Though Marymount is a smaller Division III school, its location in Arlington was another factor that intrigued Cash. 

“I liked that it’s not in the middle of nowhere,” he said.

Cash moved up from the Lions’ junior varsity team at the end of the 2018 season as a sophomore. Though his junior season didn’t go particularly well for the Lions (the team finished the year with a record of 4-16, including several close losses), Cash feels that he learned a lot.

“It really helped me mature [as a player] to see what the older guys were doing,” he said. “It made me work harder and made me the player I am today.”

Much like many athletes who have missed out on their spring sports season, Cash is trying to focus on the next step.

“Not having a senior season was hard to understand at first, but I think it’s lit a fire in all the seniors to get up [to the next level] and get to work,” he said.

Still, Cash wishes he’d been able to have one last season with the Lions to send him off.

“I think we would have exceeded some people’s expectations for us this year,” he said.

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