Louisa soccer teams take on Western, Fluvanna

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The Louisa County High School soccer teams took on the Western Albemarle Warriors and the Fluvanna Flucos, with the girls hosting both teams and the boys playing on the road.

The Lions took on Western on May 6. The girls team battled hard, but came up short, falling 5-0.

“We went into the game with set goals for how we were going to play and how we wanted to improve for the next game,” said Docah Deesh Bhattal. “The goal was to keep our defending blocks connected, and force play in the direction we determined.  The secondary goal was to have individual players set a technical, and mental goal and review after how we felt we achieved. The fact that we played out the full game is a testament to how well the girls achieved their team goal, especially considering we had players trying out new positions. The individual goals the players set were successful to varying results and are an ongoing process, but overall, I was pretty pleased with how well we had players compete.”

The boys team fell 9-1. Jason Sandoval scored the goal for Louisa.

The teams took on the Fluvanna Flucos on May 10. The girls lost 2-0, but Bhattal saw plenty of positives. Goalie Nina Fenster came up with a key save in the second half to keep the Flucos from extending their lead, and senior Lily Farmer and freshman Keiras Apple took control of the middle of the field, forcing Fluvanna’s offense to attack from the outside.

“They consistently forced Fluvanna to play back and wide, allowing the rest of the team to adjust behind them,” Bhattal said. “They were key to a big turnaround in the performance. We’re making big tactical strides every game, executing the game plan and trying to be creative on the ball. This is a great sign of our continued development.”

The boys’ team played on the road, keeping with the Flucos throughout the first half. Ethan Brooks put away a goal off an assist from Taylen Soriano as the teams battled to a 1-1 halftime tie. A Fluco goal in the first minute of the second half shifted the momentum their way and Fluvanna went on to win 6-1.

The girls team hosted the Albemarle Patriots on May 12 and the boys will travel to Albemarle High School on May 17.

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